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Having a safe work place and to be able to return home unharmed is vital for all seafarers.  We provide guidance on how to develop a safety culture – where learning from mistakes and looking after yourself and colleagues is an integral part of everyday life on board ship

The onboard safety of crew members is fundamental to the efficient operation of a ship. There are many factors and influences that can impact the safety of onboard activities. However, based on the experience of the Britannia Loss Prevention department, we consider there to be three core topics from a crew perspective that can contribute to a safe onboard environment: the implementation of an effective Safety Culture, strong Safety Leadership skills and the more applied aspects of safe working practices, referred to as Practical Safety. This latter topic embraces some of the core activities contributing to safe working, such as risk awareness and hazard identification.

More details of each of these three topics are provided in the relevant sections of the BSafe site, including the following articles that have been developed by the Britannia Loss Prevention department.

Published: 2 February 2023

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A 43,472 GT bulk carrier ran aground on a charted shoal whilst on passage between the Philippines and Australia. The incident occurred after the vessel drifted from the track, with no audible or visual warnings given to the Officer of the Watch (OOW).

Published: 23 December 2022

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The Britannia loss prevention team is producing a new set of COLREGs posters, reiterating the principal parts of some of the rules in Part B of the COLREGs, Section II – Conduct of vessels in sight of one another. The posters will illustrate scenarios in these rules and are aimed at navigational watchkeepers, setting out … Continue reading COLREGS POSTERS

Published: 6 July 2022

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A fully cellular 1,400 TEU container ship was on a voyage from Melbourne to Fremantle, Australia, when water was found in an underdeck passage. It transpired that during heavy weather the hatch access lid on the forecastle deck leading to the forecastle store had been ripped off and dumped on the windlass, allowing water ingress into the forecastle.

Published: 7 April 2022

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A multi-purpose carrier was about to anchor after leaving port carrying a cargo of various types of fertiliser in bulk as well as general cargoes when white smoke was noticed emitting from cargo hold no.3. After a failed attempt to extinguish the suspected fire using the ship’s fixed CO2 system and with the risk of an explosion due to the decomposition of the fertiliser, the ship was evacuated and later declared a total loss.

Published: 30 December 2021

Updated: 5 January 2022

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A refrigerated cargo ship had berthed in Southampton to discharge a cargo of fruit. On the day of arrival the local port state authorities had boarded the ship in order to conduct a Port State Control (PSC) inspection, which included a lifeboat drill.

Published: 30 November 2021

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A small ship was chartered to carry a cargo of corn on a short haul voyage in Europe. On completion of loading, aluminium phosphide was placed in the holds to fumigate the cargo in transit.

Published: 27 October 2021

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While at anchorage an electrician did not appear for dinner and consequently a search was initiated. He was later found trapped inside the vessel’s elevator shaft between the elevator’s counterweight and a protective beam, where he had been working earlier that same day.

Published: 29 September 2021

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The Boston Trader was moored in the port of Oran, Algeria. While the crew were securing the containers loaded on deck, one seafarer was hit on the foot by the lower end of a falling lashing bar, which resulted in a serious injury.

Published: 3 June 2021

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The second officer on a general cargo ship was fatally injured when he was crushed between the ship’s gantry crane and a stack of cargo hold hatch covers during post-cargo loading operations while alongside in port. He was attempting to pass between the hatch covers and the stationary crane on the main deck, when the … Continue reading BSAFE CASE STUDY: FATAL CRUSH INCIDENT

Published: 12 November 2020

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This is a guide to help understand the meaning of Safety Leadership, and what qualities a leader has to possess in order to act as a role model and ensure that the safety culture is implemented from the top of the organization.

Published: 11 May 2020

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Whereas the traditional approach to safety is typically focused on analysing past undesirable events, Safety II is based on the principle of seeking to also learn from why things mostly go right, to help further develop an effective safety culture

Published: 1 January 2019

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This helps to understand the term “Just-culture” and why this has now replaced a “No-blame” policy as an essential element when implementing an effective onboard safety culture.

Published: 1 June 2018

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Understand why no job can be regarded as merely routine when it comes to safety, and find out how to reduce the risks when carrying out routine tasks.

Published: 1 April 2018

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Many incidents reported to the Club involve injuries to the eyes. Get advice on what can go wrong and how to protect your eyes.

Published: 3 September 2017

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Ship safety – it is about you, the seafarer who lives and breathes safety. How do you rate your own and your colleagues’ safety performance and culture?