Corporate Social Responsibility

Britannia P&I considers Corporate Social Responsibility to be an important part of its inward and outward facing objectives and strategy. We are committed to encouraging and enforcing high ethical standards of behaviour within the workplace and to meeting its business objectives in a fair and equitable manner.

Our primary focus when considering our wider external social responsibilities, is to provide employees with opportunities to support local and business-related charities in a financial and where possible, practical way.

We also take very seriously our impact on the environment. We operate in a low-emission, non-industrial business category and are committed to conserving resources and mitigating the firm’s impact on the environment through a combination of recycling, responsible use of paper and energy consumption.

A photo showing crew at work onboard a ship.

Britannia P&I sponsors the Sailors’ Society, Apostleship of the Sea (Stella Maris) and is an Associate Member of IMRF (International Maritime Rescue Federation).

Britannia P&I is part of the Tindall Riley Group of companies. The Tindall Riley CSR Committee considers requests for financial support or sponsorship for other charities according to their locality, relevance to employees and/or business relationships on an ad hoc basis.