As an integral part of compliance procedures and to ensure that the Britannia Group continues to provide the highest levels of service possible, the Managers are committed to recording and dealing with complaints promptly, impartially and in accordance with industry best practice.

The Britannia Group defines a complaint as any oral or written expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not, from, or on behalf of, a person about the provision of, or failure to provide a financial service, and should there be dissatisfaction with any aspect of the service provided, or the way in which business has been conducted, then a complaint should be referred to the Britannia Group Complaints Officer: 

Simon King: Britannia Group Complaints Officer & Divisional Director (Underwriting) 


Direct telephone line: +44 207 415 2187 

Alternatively, a complaint can be referred to the Managers though your usual business contact. 

Please note that this policy is primarily intended to address customer service issues, and not Disputes and Differences which are set out under Rule 44 of the Club Rules.  

The Britannia Group will formally acknowledge, in writing, any complaint which is not resolved by the end of the first working day following the day on which it was received. The aim is to resolve complaints within a maximum of 30 days depending on the nature and complexity of the complaint.  

Updates will be given about the handling process, and, upon resolution, a letter will be sent confirming any action agreed. 

Where the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution, then the CEO of the Britannia Group can be asked to pursue the matter.