Fleet Profile

During the course of the 2018/2019 ‘policy year’, the Association saw another satisfactory year of owned tonnage growth, with a 5 million Gross Tonnage (GT) (or 4.7%) increase to approximately 112 million Gross Tonnage (GT).

The majority of this growth came from existing Members, particularly those who have joined in the last five years.

Seven new Members joined the Association during the 2018/2019 ‘policy year’. In addition, one new member joined at Renewal on 20 February 2019 and a number of new ships were committed from existing members.

The Association’s chartered entry remained broadly stable during the 2018/2019 ‘policy year’.

European fleets (excluding Scandinavia) now make up 33.9% of the Association’s owned tonnage with Scandinavia at 15.5%. Our Asian membership now comprises 44.5%, with entries from Japan (19%), Taiwan (8%) and South Korea (8%).

The make up of entered ships by type remains broadly unchanged. Bulk carriers continue to make up the majority at 33 per cent, while containers account for 29 per cent, crude tankers 18 per cent, and other types of tanker, 13 per cent.

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