BSAFE practical safety

Practical Safety

An essential element of being safe on board is what we have referred to in the BSafe campaign as “Practical Safety”

In simple terms, this is about applying sound principles of personal safety management while working on board to ensure that you and your colleagues are safe at all times. Furthermore, it is about being risk-aware; about identifying the hazards and then managing and mitigating the risks to levels which enable a task to be conducted safely.

As we see from the claims reported to Britannia, the dynamic and complex nature of a ship’s operation means that there are many situations and circumstances that can lead to injury.  We understand that our Members have detailed Safety Management Systems and procedures covering all aspects of onboard safety, such as risk assessments and permits to work. Our BSafe “Practical Safety” content will be focussing on supporting our Members’ seafarers with advice on best practices and relevant case study material to encourage reflection in relation to their behaviours.

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The Britannia loss prevention team has produced a new safety video to raise awareness of safety issues for crew members working at height. Read More…


Our Crew Watch magazine highlights the importance of correct manual lifting. The article describes common mistakes and provides advice to seafarers on manual handling of loads which may include moving items by lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing, or pulling. Read more…


This Health Watch magazine published by Britannia focuses on some of the safety aspects related to working on board and how to avoid accidents by using the correct Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Read more…


Explore useful articles and guidance issued by Britannia on the subject of Onboard Safety by searching our Knowledge Base. Read more…


Our Crew Watch magazine is aimed at seafarers. This means that the content is handpicked to provide seafarers with the most valuable advice on everything from wellbeing to safe working practices and security. Read more…


Analysing past incidents and looking at what lessons can be learned is an important part of BSafe and the Case Study packages provide excellent reflective learning material that can be used as an educational tool on board. Read more…


The BSafe posters send out a strong visual safety message and each poster highlights an area where we unfortunately still see frequent incidents, some of them ending in a fatality. Read more…

The following articles have been developed by the Britannia Loss Prevention department covering topics related to best practices in “Practical Safety”:

A dragging anchor incident caused a general cargo ship to collide with two nearby ships, resulting in structural damage to all three ships. Fortunately, no pollution or loss of life was reported.


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Published: 29 February 2024

The Britannia loss prevention team has produced a new safety video to raise awareness of safety issues for crew members working at height.

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Published: 10 January 2024   Updated: 1 July 2024

Published: 4 September 2023

The Britannia loss prevention team is producing a new set of COLREGs posters, reiterating the principal parts of some of the rules in Part B of the COLREGs, Section II – Conduct of vessels in sight of one another. The posters will illustrate scenarios in these rules and are aimed at navigational watchkeepers, setting out … Continue reading COLREGS POSTERS

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Published: 23 December 2022

The Boston Trader was moored in the port of Oran, Algeria. While the crew were securing the containers loaded on deck, one seafarer was hit on the foot by the lower end of a falling lashing bar, which resulted in a serious injury.

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Published: 29 September 2021

Understand why no job can be regarded as merely routine when it comes to safety, and find out how to reduce the risks when carrying out routine tasks.

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Published: 1 June 2018

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Many incidents reported to the Club involve injuries to the eyes. Get advice on what can go wrong and how to protect your eyes.

Ship safety – it is about you, the seafarer who lives and breathes safety. How do you rate your own and your colleagues’ safety performance and culture?

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Published: 3 September 2017