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Physical Security

As a seafarer it can be exciting to visit many different countries and ports but it is important to be aware of your own security and the security of the ship and always stay alert

There are situations when people see the seafarers and the ship as a way to make a personal gain. Luckily these situations are quite rare and we do not want to prevent seafarers taking a much needed break but we urge everyone to be aware of their own security and the security of the ship. BSafe aims to support seafarers and make them feel secure wherever their ship is trading. We are focussing on what we believe are the core areas of concern and risk for modern day seafarers and we will provide relevant advice that is useful for all seafarers to improve their security.

If you have any questions or would like further advice on physical security or you would like us to go into more details on any other security topics please feel free to contact us on:


International shipping industry organisations maintain this website to provide security-related guidance to the industry, including specific regional guidance. Read more…


Founded to raise awareness of the high risk areas for pirate attacks and to highlight the specific ports/anchorages where armed robberies on board ships have occurred., Masters can also use the site to report any such security incidents. Read more…


This live map shows all piracy and armed robbery incidents reported to IMB Piracy Reporting Centre during the current year, and can be of assistance when assessing the security threat for a forthcoming voyage. Read more…

The following articles have been developed by the Britannia Loss Prevention department covering topics related to best practices in “Physical Security”:

Keeping the crew safe is the highest priority. This guidance provides valuable advice as to how security measures can be implemented to increase the onboard safety and takes into account industry best practices


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Published: 12 November 2020

A ship may be the target of smugglers seeking to use it for transporting their illegal substances. This guidance provides valuable advice on preventing your ship unintentionally becoming a part of an illegal smuggling operation


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Published: 4 May 2020

Piracy remains one of the main security threats and these articles helps understand the impact piracy has on the shipping industry from an insurance perspective, and the efforts taken to try and mitigate the risk

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Published: 3 July 2018