Published: 24 June 2024

Updated: 12 July 2024

James Ng, Loss Prevention Officer, hosted the webinar on Navigating Security Challenges. With security threats remaining a significant concern for shipowners, this webinar explored industry best practices and how the Club can support Members.

Other speakers included:

  • Max Williams, COO, Africa Risk Compliance Limited
  • LCDR Debashish Sunil Roychoudhary, India ILO (Information Fusion Centre)
  • Ong Xinyi, Fleet Manager, Britannia P&I, Singapore.

The recording of the webinar can be viewed here and presentation is available on the Britannia website.

James Ng Max Williams LCDR Debashish Sunil Roychoudhary Ong Xinyi

Max Williams is the Chief Operating Officer at Africa Risk Compliance Limited and has worked for over a decade in the commercial maritime security sector. Max has experience in security operations, project management, commercial development and intelligence and was part of the industry working group for the development of the shipping industry standard for security Global Counter Piracy Guidelines for Companies, Masters and Seafarers. He has also advised both the private and public sector on issues such as piracy, illegal fishing, drug smuggling and threats to ships by hostile governments. He is particularly interested in the role that coastal communities play in the creation of a secure maritime environment.

Lieutenant Commander Debashish Roychoudhary was commissioned on 25 May 2013 and joined the Indian Naval Academy in June 2009 as part of the 84th Integrated Naval Academy Course. He currently serves as an International Liaison Officer at IFC Singapore, where he has played a crucial role in information exchange and coordination. Notably, in November 2023, during the brink of the Red Sea crisis, he was instrumental in facilitating smooth communication between IFC Singapore and the Indian Navy, aiding a merchant vessel in dire need. His efforts at IFC Singapore have significantly strengthened maritime operations and fostered robust ties with the global shipping community.

Xinyi Ong is a Fleet Manager at Britannia P&I handling both, P&I and FD&D claims and is a dual qualified lawyer (Singapore and English qualified). Prior to joining the Club, she was with a boutique shipping law firm in Singapore. In her years of handling disputes, Xinyi has handled a wide spectrum of disputes, including cargo claims, charterparty disputes, collisions, casualties. More recently she has dealt with queries relating to the Red Sea and the rights of both owners and charterers to refuse Red Sea transit under their charterparty terms.

James Ng began his career as a Naval Officer with the Republic of Singapore Navy. After his career with the Navy, he acquired extensive proficiency in, amongst other things, marine surveying, and worked as an ISM/ISPS consultant. James also served as a Harbour Pilot with PSA Marine Pte Ltd, before joining the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore for 8 years where he played a key role in managing the Port of Singapore’s marine, emergency preparedness, and security matters. Prior to his new appointment with Britannia P&I, James was a Business & Marine Manager with a maritime law firm, who carried out marine casualty investigations on behalf of the firm’s clients, including clients from the Greater China region.