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Published: 22 February 2024

In a recent announcement, the Britannia Group has reiterated its commitment to the Pre- Employment Medical Examination (PEME) consultancy service, initially launched in 2018. Serving as a reminder, the group is introducing Your Excellent Health Service (YEHS) as the new provider of this essential service, designed to assist in assessing crew fitness for work and maintaining their wellbeing continually.

Crew health remains of paramount concern, and the significance of comprehensive pre-employment medical examinations (PEMEs) is at the forefront of industry discussions. Many shipowners already incorporate enhanced medical screenings for their crews, either fleet-wide or for specific crew categories.

Over the years, Britannia’s Managers have fielded numerous inquiries from Members, addressing both general crew health issues and specific concerns related to the employment of certain individuals. These include inquiries about testing criteria for different ages and nationalities, the choice of clinics, and the impact of past and pre-existing illnesses on future employment. The PEME Consultancy service is available to all Britannia Group Members, with YEHS charging per inquiry. To support its Members, Britannia will absorb the first USD1,000 of aggregate charges incurred by each Member per policy year.

This initiative is highly flexible, tailored to individual Members’ needs and concerns, addressing a broad spectrum of questions related to the pre-employment health of crew Members destined for Britannia P&I ships. Some examples of the questions that the consultancy service may cover include:

  • Adequacy of existing PEME examinations, policies, and criteria
  • Recommended validity periods of PEMEs
  • Scope of examination recommendations – what to include, for whom, and how often
  • Specific health concerns for particular countries, conditions, and age groups
  • Fitness for sea duty based on PEME results
  • Risks related to pre-existing medical conditions
  • Impact of past medical history or medical restrictions on fitness for sea work
  • HIV and hepatitis testing requirements and related employment issues
  • Obesity levels and BMI criteria
  • Control of ongoing medical conditions on board through medication
  • Selection of PEME clinic and recommendations for inspection and audit of clinics
  • General advice on developing and running a member’s own PEME scheme

All inquiries will be treated confidentially, and the Britannia Group and its Managers assure Members of their commitment to data privacy, adhering to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

About Your Excellent Health Service (YEHS):

YEHS, under the leadership of Medical Director Dr. Charlie Easmon, boasts more than a decade of experience in maritime PEMEs. With a strong reputation and a history of advising IG Clubs, shipowners, and managers on recommended schemes, YEHS is well-positioned to support Britannia Group Members. Additionally, the YEHS team brings over 20 years of expertise in Cruise Line Medicals and is registered to conduct UK Oil and Gas Medicals.

For more information about YEHS, interested parties are encouraged to visit its website.

All inquiries about this facility should be directed to the Managers at: Any inquiries falling within the PEME Consultant initiative will be forwarded to YEHS for a comprehensive response.