November 9, 2017

A ballistics missile that targeted Riyadh on November 4 has resulted in a temporary closure of the Yemeni boarders by coalition forces, along with flight cancellations to both Aden and Seyoun Airports. Reports have confirmed that the Police Headquarters in Aden was taken over and controlled by ISIS from around 8 am to late night on November 5. Most main roads in Aden were closed while police responded to the situation and reclaimed control of the area. Sources have confirmed 12 casualties as a direct result of the conflict.

Aden Port, of which is under control of the official government including (Malla General Cargo Terminal – Aden container terminal – ARC terminal) were declared as temporarily closed on November 5. Ships at berths are idle with, no one allowed to enter the port area including stevedoring or agents.

Hodeidah and Mukalla Port berths are working normal. We do not know at this stage if the coalition force navy will allow ships in/out of the port.