March 2, 2017

With the first type-approval of ballast water systems by the United States Coast Guard earlier this year and the entry into force of the Ballast Water Management Convention on 8 September 2017, ballast water compliance is an issue that all shipowners will be considering.

The USCG is keen to emphasize the importance it places on compliance and has recently published a press release regarding a ship which was recently inspected and fined for a non-compliant ballast water discharge. This highlights the tough approach that can be expected in cases of non-compliance.

In addition to the warning provided by USCG, the US spill manager, Gallagher Marine Systems, has recently issued a Client Advisory directed at all ships trading to the US regarding the USCG’s strict enforcement of ballast water regulations.

With the deadlines for ships to fit ballast water management systems now visible on the horizon, there will no doubt be many developments on the subject in the near future. The Club will keep Members updated and may wish to refer to our Focus webpage for further reading on the subject of ballast water management.