July 20, 2017

Our local correspondents have provided an update on the situation in the Ukrainian port of Yuzhny, which is still an unauthorised zone for P&I surveyors and has been for the past three or four years. Independent surveyors appointed on behalf of shipowners often find it very difficult to obtain passes to enter the port compared to survey companies working for cargo interests who reportedly never have problems obtaining such port passes.

P&I surveyors must apply to the port authorities to obtain the permit allowing access to the ship in question at least two working days before the survey. The port authorities do not work on Saturdays and Sundays so if there is an urgent matter arising on a Friday then the earliest the surveyor is likely to be able to get on board is the following Wednesday, assuming the port issues the pass in good time. In some cases it has taken 10 days before the surveyor has been able to attend.

The situation does not show any signs of improving. The port authorities have advised that surveyors with permanent port passes could be used for P&I surveys. However, we understand that these surveyors would likely be biased in favour of cargo interests. Local correspondents are doing what they can to assist Members where possible.