A 22 minute film has been created in real time on a full mission bridge simulator at Warsash Maritime Academy, Southampton, UK.

The film is based on a number of incidents that have been investigated as part of the Club’s extended root cause analysis into fixed and floating object claims. The film illustrates the everyday behaviour of a bridge team and their interaction with third parties during a routine operation that ends in disaster.

The ship is a full container ship of 202m length overall. She has a beam of 31m and draughts 8.6m forward and 9.2 m aft. She is of a single rudder construction with single right hand turning propeller. The low speed diesel engine is direct geared shaft arrangements. She has one bow thruster. The ship is in good condition with no defects reported with any machinery.

The bridge team is made up of the master, 3rd officer and helmsman. They are all experienced in their roles but are not overly familiar with this particular port. The chief officer is stationed forward to recover the anchor. The second officer is standing by on the radio ready to proceed to the aft mooring deck. The bosun is also standing by on the radio.

Members are invited to integrate this video and workshop into their own training programmes. The film is suitable for crew and shore based staff as it raises awareness that everyone has a role to play in creating a safety culture within their organisation. The film can viewed on the videos page of the website and requests for a copy of it should be addressed to

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