December 11, 2017

The Club has hosted its two Forums in the past few weeks.  The first was in Athens on 9 November and there was a good mix of Members from Greece and from the rest of Europe who came together to hear the Managers explaining recent Club decisions and claims, and talking about issues of general interest to the sector. The Forum emphasised the important role that Members from Europe play within the Britannia P&I Club and coincided with the announcement that Britannia will be opening an office in Greece within 2018.

The Forum, now in its 21st year, was attended by 52 Members from across Europe and underlined the Club’s On 21 November, the Club held its Asian Forum in Hong Kong which was also very well-supported.  The Forum was a good opportunity for Members in the region to hear from the managers about recent policy decisions, such as the recent announcement by the Britannia P&I Board there would be no P&I General Increase to its advance call for 2018/19. A further USD10m capital distribution was also announced to P&I mutual Members based on premium for ships on risk at midnight BST 17 October 2017.

In addition, Britannia stated that there would be no General Increase for 2018/19 to its advance call on FD&D, with the Club now paying the first USD7,500 of costs (up from USD5,000) for any FD&D dispute free of deductible.