February 10, 2020

Please be advised that as precaution against the spread of the coronavirus we have taken the decision to reduce our physical presence in the office and will work remotely from this afternoon, Monday 10 February.

Our working hours will remain 0930-1730 and we will, of course, be available to you outside of these hours as you may require.

We will be attending the office on an ad hoc basis as necessary.

Unless the situation deteriorates we will be available to visit Members’ offices if requested to do so. We will be restricting our business travel to urgent matters only.

We will continue to provide you with the best possible service and we remain fully at your disposal.  Please contact any of the team, either by phone or e-mail if you have any questions of concerns.

We will reassess the situation weekly.

Our contact details may be found on the website but for ease of reference please also see below:

John O’Flaherty – 9620 1966

Francis Church – 9853 0269

Derek Birch – 9025 1231
Daphne Chua – 9025 0667
Capt Nasir Subahrie – 9060 9552
Sivakami Moorthy – 9336 6015

People risks:
Victoria McFarlane – 9027 7602

Correspondent matters:
Capt Ajit Karande – 9234 1810

Loss Prevention:
Jacob Damgaard – 9853 0026

Sally Yang – 9025 1102



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