October 13, 2016

A second bulker has run aground in the River Parana. In the early hours of 9 October the 33,000 dwt FAIR OCEAN touched bottom at km 340 close to San Nicolas. The incident took place as the ship was navigating up river. Initially, the Argentine Coast Guard opted to close the waterway but by late Sunday these restrictions had been lifted.

Last week the 52,994-dwt STAR ZETA ran aground on the Parana River at km 288.5 close to the San Pedro port. Luckily the ship was refloated in less than 24 hours with the help of local tug boats. Following this incident, on 6 October the sailing draft was fixed at 10.10m.

Argentine authorities recently announced a change to under keel clearance (UKC) rules on Parana River and River Plate in a bid to aid safe navigation.

Members are advised to contact local agents or correspondents for accurate information