Tindall Riley & Co Limited (Greek Branch) Britannia

Greece is an important market for Britannia and currently accounts for approximately 10% of our Membership. The establishment of an office dedicated to servicing the Greek market now enables us to enhance our service delivery and continue to grow in the area.

Headed by Mr David Harley –  who has considerable P&I experience, David’s appointment as the head of the Greece office follows on from his four and a half  year secondment as the former head of the Hong Kong office.

Assisting David in Greece are Associate Directors Denise Dellow, Konstantinos Samaritis, and Claims Manager Vasilios Kakamoukas. Both Denise and Vasilios have been working with our Greek Members from the London office and have recently moved to the Greek office based in Piraeus. Managing the day-to-day operations in the office is Penelope Foka.

Konstantinos, Vasilios, and Penelope are fluent in Greek which has proved to be highly valued by the Membership.


Piraeus, Greece

Ionion Building, 7th Floor
Defteras Merarchias 2 & Akti Miaouli
185 35 Piraeus

Telephone +30 211 10 20 500 




David Harley

Divisional Director
Department: Claims
Mobile: +30 69 8511 2210
Direct: +30 211 10 20 511

Denise Dellow

Associate Director
Department: Claims
Mobile: +30 69 8511 2912
Direct: +30 211 10 20 514

Konstantinos Samaritis

Associate Director
Department: Claims
Mobile: +30 69 8511 2211
Direct: +30 211 10 20 513

Vasilios Kakamoukas

Claims Manager
Department: Claims
Mobile: +30 69 8511 2213
Direct: +30 211 10 20 512

Penelope Foka

Office Administrator
Department: Claims
Direct: +30 211 10 20 515