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We are the oldest P&I Club in the world. Trusted by our members since 1855, we’ve built a reputation for providing an exceptional standard of service.

The Club has gone from strength-to-strength by embracing our core values of Integrity, Trust, Specialisation, Excellence, and Mutuality, meaning our members always come first. Our history of financial strength and a premium service have anchored us as one of the market leaders amongst the International Group of P&I Clubs.


We are committed to mutuality. As such, we don’t have to answer to shareholders, only to our members – and we’re quite selective about who those members might be.

We look for those who we believe will be compatible with our existing members and us. And we only accept applications from organisations of the highest quality.

However, once accepted, members receive our undivided attention and support. It’s no accident that many of our 240 members have been with us for so many years. The longevity of these relationships testifies to the success of the way we work.


We seek high quality members who share our approach to managing risk.

This means we are able to write all our business on the basis of a fair rating for each member, by realistic balancing of the member’s claims record over a ten- year period. To underpin that, our experienced team supports our members by providing professional and proactive claims management. We also maintain control over claims to keep our members’ costs to a minimum, and we share our expertise and provide guidance outside the claims environment. Thus, by understanding our members’ businesses, we can adapt our services to meet their needs.


Standard & Poor’s rate us as ‘A (Stable)’. Our financial reserves are amongst the strongest in the market, far in excess of EU solvency requirements.

Our enviable track record of investment returns is based on the fact that we always take the long-term view and underpin that with a solid reserving of investments. This way of working has garnered us the best call record of any P&I Club, with no unbudgeted calls for over 40 years. Our prudent approach, one of focusing only on our core business with no other distractions or risks, enables us to run our club solely for the benefit of our members. strength and probity. No wonder, then, that we remain a leader in the international group of P&I clubs.