Published: 20 January 2022

Updated: 10 February 2022

The Britannia Loss Prevention team hosted its latest webinar, Bridge Resources Management Under Pilotage.

The webinar was hosted by Captain Slav Ostrowicki, Loss Prevention Manager, Britannia P&I Club, and explored the interactions between bridge teams and pilots, recommended practices, culture and behaviours conducive to safety. It also looked at recent incidents from both a claims handling and loss prevention perspective.

Speakers were:
• Fiona Al Hashimi, Claims Manager, Britannia P&I
• Captain Ed Verbeek, Pilot, Master Mariner & Nautical Consultant
• Captain Slav Ostrowicki, Loss Prevention Manager, Britannia P&I

Fiona Al Hashimi Captain Ed Verbeek Captain Slav Ostrowicki


The recording of the webinar can be viewed here and presentation is available on the Britannia website.

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