Published: 29 March 2019

Our local correspondent has passed to us an update issued by Netherlands-based Cornelder, who manages the port of Beira, Mozambique under a licence from the Government:

The Port suffered limited damage and is operating as follows:

At the General Cargo Terminal:
The warehouses are out of use for at least one month.
Replacement quay fenders are being installed and two or three quays should be fully functional.
The Terminal is now fully accessible with equipment operational.

At the Container Terminal:
No full containers were damaged.
The gantry cranes are operational.
The single lift cranes are being repaired.
The two twin lift cranes are expected to be operational (after drying out internal systems) soon.

Outside of the port:
The road to Beira is not passable due to the flooding in an area of 100km around 100km from Beira. We have no indication when the road will be opened . Communication in Beira remains difficult, with e-mail being the most reliable.