Published: 13 December 2018

Anthony Banya

From 2019/20 Britannia’s Rule Books (Class 3 (P&I) and Class 6 (FD&D)) will be provided in digital format by:

  1. pdf versions being sent by email to Members for distribution to their entered vessels. If required, hard copies could then be printed off locally; and
  2. pdf versions also being available on the Britannia website, which can be downloaded and read off line.

The pdf versions will allow for easier use, with a key word search function.

The Class 3 (P&I) pdf sent by email to Members will continue to include the list of correspondents. The version on the website will only have the rules. The correspondents details (which are updated throughout the year) are easily accessible from the homepage of the Britannia website and a regularly updated list of their details in pdf is available in the publications section.

If Members specifically request, for 2019/20 we will provide a hard copy of the Rule Books. However, for the future we are looking to phase out hard copies, considering the digital format to be more accessible and environmentally friendly.

We always welcome your comments and if you would like any further information on this please do not hesitate to contact